BRUNCHServed until 11:30 a.m.

Lebanese Eggs $17.0
Beef sausages sauteed with lemon, served with grilled vegetables.
Chee Tayeb Eggs $15.0
Sprinkled with sumac and served with hummus.
Eggs with Halloumi $16.0
Halloumi cheese, tomatoes, and olives served with bacon.
Lamb and Eggs Pot $20.0
Minced lamb mixed with cheese and eggs on top, served with vegetables and fresh bread.
  • Add vegetable plate 5$
  • Add bacon or cheese 3$

LUNCH & DINNER12p.m.-11p.m.


Hummus (V) (VG) $10.0
Chickpea puree, tahini, lemon, olive oil served with hot bread
Chee Tayeb Hummus $14.0
Chickpea puree, tahini, lemon, olive oil topped with mince lamb served with hot bread
Chilli Fried Chicken | 4 Pcs $12.0
Our famous chicken wings smothered with chilli marinade
Lamb Kebbe $16.0
A mixture of tender lamb and cracked wheat , filled with ground lamb, diced onions and pine nuts.
Halloumi Sticks | 4 Pcs $13.0
Halloumi cheese sticks, served with thousand island dip on the side.
Makanek $14.0
Spiced beef sausages.
Labneh Plate $14.0
Strained yoghurt, olive oil and fresh mint, served with hot bread.
Meat Balls $13.0
Spiced minced meat balls served with chilli tomato sauce.
Our Platter to Share $45.0
Experience the taste of our starters dishes.
  • Add home made fries 5$


Fattouch (V) $15.0
Cucumber, tomatoes, onions, mint, green capsicum, sumac and olive oil. Served with deep fried pita
Tabouli (V) (VG) $16.0
Authentic parsley salad with burghul, chopped onions, tomatoes, mint, olive oil and lemon juice
Halloumi $15.0
Lettuce, rocket, grilled halloumi, sun dried tomato & pine seeds, mixed with balsamic dressing
  • Burghul – cereal food made from the groats of several different wheat spices, most often durum wheat
  • Sumac – The Sumac bush, native in the Middle East, produces deep red berries, which are dried and ground. They have a lemony flavour


Chee Tayeb Burger $25.0
Grilled beef, lettuce, tomato, onions & cheese with mustard mayo. Served with rocket salad & grilled potatoes
Chicken Taouk $25.0
Marinated chicken breast cubes with garlic. Served with rocket salad & grilled potatoes
Kafta Lamb $25.0
Minced lamb with chopped onions, parsley, herbs and spices. Served with rocket salad & grilled potatoes
Kafta and Cheese Pizza $22.0
A delicious kebab lamb topped with cheese. Served with tomato, pickles and mayo dressing
Falafel (V) (VG) $23.0
Made with chickpeas, onions, cumin and parsley. Served with tahini sauce


Zaatar (Thyme) (V) (VG) $8.0
A special blend of dried thyme & sesame seeds mixed with oil
Jebneh (Cheese) $10.0
Combination of mozzarella & salted cheese
Kishek $14.0
Dried yogurt, re-hydrated with tomato, onion and sesame seeds
Lahem bi Ajine $13.0
Ground beef, ground tomatoes & onions
Zataar w Jebneh (Thyme and Cheese) $12.0
Half thyme, half cheese. Get both in every bite
Spinach Pie $13.0
Spinach & onions dressed with sumac & lemon


Knafe $12.0
Rich, creamy, sweet, cheesy, sticky and crunchy. The traditional sweet of the levant is our specialty.
Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream $12.0
Ultra thick, chewy, fudge and delicious chocolate brownies served with Ice-cream.
Nutella, Banana, and Nuts Pizza $12.0
A sweet take on pizza. Our Nutella pizza is served on a freshly baked dough topped with sliced bananas and nuts