chicken with in tortilla with red peppers


Chee Tayeb starts in Perth

Each dish at Chee Tayeb has a unique story of its own. Authentic, traditional recipes from the creature comforts of home in Lebanon meets a modern take on the Lebanese cuisine infused with western culture.  These are the dishes engrained from the histories of our team at Chee Tayeb, where history meets modern day food pleasures.

Our menu continues to take inspiration from all walks of life and is continually evolving. Through revisiting recipes of our ancestors, identifying new succulent ingredients to exploring fresh local produce, we bring you a unique take on traditional comforts.

What is Chee Tayeb 

Chee Tayeb means “something delicious” in colloquial Lebanese, and this phrase has many nuances: It can be mentioned in any conversation between two people talking over life, over food and don’t be surprise over ladies as well.

For our guests, “Chee Tayeb “means tasting new ingredients, new fusions, knowing the signatures and enjoying the vibe of the restaurant.

Fresh, Fast and Tasty